Is this Groupon worth it?

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Im currently preparing to take the 801. I'm using the Mike Meyers All in one book and I'm almost done with the 801 section. I saw this Groupon from Career Academy offering a full year of online courses ,on-demand instructor-led classroom sessions with full audio and video lectures, hands-on lab demonstrations, chapter review assessments, printable courseware and a certificate of completion for $69. Has anyone had any experience with these people? The part of the test that worries me most is 802 and Im hoping this could help as well as refresh my memory from what I learned from the book. I learn faster with videos than a book and I'm looking for another source of study for when I finish the book. Im looking mostly at the A+ material since I dont plan on taking Network+ and Security+ before having a job in IT and having more experience.


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    Waste of money, IMHO. The Professor Messer videos are all you need, and they are free.
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    I love the professor messer videos, but I thought they were not enough? I mean I understand most of what he covers and know my weaknesses(tedious things like ram speeds) but I thought this certification was way harder. I see a lot of people that rely on those videos alone!
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    If you truly understand the material in the videos, the 802 will not be difficult. I found it much easier than the 801, because the 802 gives extra context in the questions, rather than just asking you to memorize boring things like memory speeds.
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    (This Groupon has probably already expired - sorry.) These videos are not bad - they're what New Horizons and other providers use (and charge thousands for). For $69, it's not a bad deal. That's almost cheaper than a study guide for each. I purchased this Groupon and it's worthwhile. Plus, if you finish you can get a "certificate of completion" which you can add to your LinkedIn or whatever as a course.
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