MCSA 2012 vs. 2008 R2

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I'm enrolled at WGU and unfortunately I have failed the 70-640 3 times at this point, and as a result, I am switching my program to general IT to graduate sooner and save money. I'm fairly close to passing (I think) as I'm scoring in the 620-640's. While I think I could pass the 640 given some more time to focus on my weak areas which seem to primarily be DNS and Roles and Services, I don't want to waste any more money trying to push through the 2008 certs when 2012 R2 is out already. I know, I know, most employers are still utilizing 2008 including where I work, however we are starting to upgrade servers to 2012 and I think I'd rather just switch focus and start that path to give myself some more breathing room before the next iteration comes out.

That said, it seems folks are having an easier time with the 2012 exams, though it may just be that those who are posting results are just better at exam-taking. I've heard CBT Nuggets and the material on these forums is enough to pass; contrast with what seems like no matter what I do in studying for the 640... labs, ms press, CBT nuggets, technet (though admittedly less so), and enough practice tests to send me into a coma, I still can't edge a better score. I have little real world experience with 2008 except for some basic AD tasks in my current job as desktop support, but my employer has stated there may be a need for another network person, but as of now we only need two at our site and they aren't going anywhere for a while. I'm trying to show that I know the software so that I might at least be able to get some experience working on it since I have doubts about another position opening any time soon, and these guys will be here for at least another 10-15 years. In other words... I would like to have some credentials + experience working with the software that will be out for some time so I can be more marketable elsewhere.



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    I would go for 2012 exams. I'm learning 2012 and when ive gone back to 2008 ive not struggled to understand it. The front UI of 2012 is different but back end is the same. I think learning the latest tech gives you an advantage in the future of others who learn old tech. Thats my view anyway. If you currently work with 2008 servers Id learn that though obviously.
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    If you want to jump to Win Server 2012 (which it seems like you want to based on your post) I see no reason not to. Might make more sense to finish up your degree 1st, then start on the MCSA 2012 when your done.
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    I am taking the 70-640 one last time in a couple weeks and if I don't pass I will be moving on to 2012. In my opinion, the layout of the 2012 exams is much easier. The 70-640 is a massive exam and they've split it up between the 2012 exams. I do think you'll get a much better understanding of Active Directory from the 2008 path (because they have an entire exam dedicated to it) but I think splitting it up was a good decision. As frustrated as I am with this exam, I do have a much, much better understanding of AD now so that exam did its job. If I improve a bit with certificates and could somehow learn RMS and FS I would pass no problem.

    If I were starting all over though, I would definitely go 2012 first. I have really struggled with the 640 and I believe I would've already passed the 70-410 by now. We have 2012 servers at work here and, for the most part, once you get past the UI differences it is very similar. Looking forward to seeing what 2012 R2 brings.
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    Yeah, I'm planning on finishing my degree first as quickly as possible. It just seems to be that 2012 is a bit more straightforward and hence easier than 2008.

    unfbilly11, it sounds like we're in a similar boat. The 70-640 as you say just seems to cover way too much material, but i agree, I have learned quite a lot. It's why I'm trying not to be too hard on myself for not passing, but it's still frustrating.
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    I passed three of the exams and gave up. The 643 made me depressed, took two tries. I threw in the towel after failing the 647. Switched to the regular program at WGU and I feel like I'm actually making progress again. So don't beat up on yourself too much. Just try to finish WGU first.
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    You can get the MCSA 2008 in 3 exams and then the MCSA 2012 with one more, or you can get the MCSA 2012 in 3 exams. It is more effort to get both but I feel you'll learn a lot more that route and it's only one more exam.

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