Studying for VPN + a little gem I found on the exam topics

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It's been a couple weeks now since I've been into the VPN curriculum. I'm using the OCG, CBT Nuggets for VPN 2.0 by Keith Barker, and CBT Nuggets SNAA by Jeremy Cioara (the second half of that series is mostly VPN material). The exam topics for this test seem more extensive than other exams (it's 5 pages) so I'm trying to be as obsessive as I can with every piece on it.

That being said, I was looking through the topics and it looks like Cisco may have forgotten to take out something that was left over from their revision notes:

3.4 Implement AnyConnect 3.0 IKEv2 RA VPN operations (I would remove the IPSEC client coverage to make room)

3.4.a AnyConnect IKEv2 IPSec RA VPN configurations
3.4.b AnyConnect profile editor (ASDM integrated and standalone)

That bolded section actually appears on the official exam topics (just wanted to bring that up for fun)
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  • Vask3nVask3n Member Posts: 517
    As an add-on I'm migrating all of our IPsec legacy client users to the AnyConnect client as we speak which interestingly enough is while I'm studying for VPN. The reason the migration is happening is because we are also swapping out the firewall itself with a 5525-X and want to get users off the old client since the ASA was the CA for all those users.
    Working on MS-ISA at Western Governor's University
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