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I have an MOAC book for the exam, my question is, how well does this book actually cover the objectives?

Secondly, the practice tests on GMetrix, how well do they relate to the actual exam?

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    The book is basically going over Net+ from what I have read from others posts, and some even use Professor Messer for those exam's, some people seem to ace that without problems as the MTA's are very basic. The book will cover what you need to know. The Questions are meant to test your grasp of the knowledge, so even if they are easy, and you consider them easy, that should mean the test is easy because you understand the concepts. I have briefed through the MOAC Server admin book, it seems pretty o the ball and straight forward, some overlap compared to Server+.

    I have to take MTA OS, Net, Sec and will get the admin just for kicks. I have all books, went through them for about 10 minutes, I should have all 4 in about a months time, I'm going to WGU soon, and need to knock those classes out.

    Just take the time to learn the concepts, and you will do fine. Hope this helps ^^
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    I don't know about the MOAC book or the GMetrix practice tests but I did use the Sybex book and the "study guide" off of the certiport website and had no issues.
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