CISSP, It's Done.

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Today I passed the CISSP. That was amazing. Although that I had a confidence about passing the exam before I start to face it, once it started, I never thought that I’ll get through that. Anyway, anyhow, once I click the finish button and come back to the proctor, she told ‘Congratulation’ and I that’s it. I was like icon_rolleyes.gif .

Below are my reading experiences.

1. Official CISSP study Guide 3rd Edition: Read once – Very straight forward. Used as the final decision maker whenever I had a confusion about any concept as that describe differently in other resources.
2. Shon Hari’s AIO 6th Edition: Read once: ++ for understand the concept. As most of us not having the work experience on all ten domains, this book is very helpful to get the required knowledge about where you were not in.
3. Eric Conrad’sCISSP Study Guide 2nd Edition: Read several time – Very good for understand the concepts. As the reduced number of pages per domain, reader will not get overwhelm. To the best of my knowledge, almost all required concepts are discussed here.
4. Eric Conrad’s 11th Hour: Once 1 day before the exam – Very good for read on last minute as suggest by the author. It help to awake the all memories at once before the exam.
5. And my own notes: One day before the exam – These were created one week before the exam with reading Eric Conrad’s book with the concepts that I feel I am not getting memorized. Typed on notepad and got a printout once done. Writing it on the note pad itself was very helpful to get them memories.

None of above books will prepare you for the exam. All of them will give the all required concepts. You have to understand the concepts and chew them until you know them by heart. As others told on their post, exam will question you on how you going to apply those on the ground. The way you thinking are critical for success on this exam.

Although I used the most well known question db’s (paid / StudiScope 100 Q’s, AIO free test on CD as well as on the site (that was also free), none of them is comparable with the real exam. And none of the any question from them was on the exam. But the knowledge that I got from those were very much valuable.
I am giving +++ for the The description on each questions answer sheet was very much helpful to understand the concepts. There will be a time when you see the question in here, your mind popping out the description for that question. Once you have this for most of the questions, then you can consider as you are ready for the exam.

And also the CISSP review class from local chapter that I participated all over the last month, gave me the target for complete the exam by this date. It was the giudence light for the exam for me.

And I want to make special thanks to this forum and all the people put their thoughts in here. Most of the post on here about CISSP, gave the required motive for continues studies. I used this forum posts as my coffee whenever I feel tired on studying.

Thanks again for all. bowing.gif


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