Multipath TCP

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MPTCP – Multipath TCP » How does the internet work

After spending a weekend nose-deep in Routing TCP/IP Volume I, Second edition dissecting TCP, flash carding, white boarding and wire sharking obsessively - this actually blew my mind.

What kind of implications are we expecting from MPTCP?
What are you guys expecting the first networking-related benefit to be? Perhaps complimenting BGP?


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    The real impact is going to be that when a mobile device changes its IP, it doesn't have to tear down and then rebuild the session. The "Multipath" part is really just talking about multiple IPs. I don't really see it having any significant impact beyond mobile devices.
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    How would this compliment BGP? As far as I can tell, this is a LAN technology and BGP is more of a policy based protocol as it enforces route exchanges through policies. MPTCP seems too "loose" in my opinion to ever be used in a eBGP peering environement.
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