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I am looking at getting into the IT industry and finding it hard where to start with all these certificates and pathways.

I have been in the physical security industry for 10+ years and in need of a career enhancement. I am interested in the IT side of security. I started looking at IT from the CCTV and Access control side of security and then I was blown away during my research because all the different pathways in IT Security.

I am a new into IT, but very competent and self taught in many areas of IT. The area I am having difficulty is choosing a starter certification. One camp says Comptia A+ and the other camp says MCSA: Windows 7. So what do I choose, if not these what one? I feel like a kind in the candy store lol

I know the next steps will be involving Networking and Security, but I can cross that bridge when i get the basics under the wing.

Thank you


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    I think that if you're looking into getting into InfoSec, the CompTIA Security+ Exam would be a great starter certification to obtain. Then, work your way into the intermediate and advanced security certifications (SSCP, CISSP ect...)Check out the Practice exams, study guides, links, and forums for CISSP, CEH, CCSP and Security+ page
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    I agree with MCITBound.. in my honest opinion, A+ isnt worth the time and it has no real value. I took the courses for A+ and it may have helped me a little but I think starting with a Sec+ or even Net+ would be better for you. just ask yourself how many people go to work and take apart PC's anymore??

    MCSA is directed more towards windows and server work
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    petexapetexa Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thank you both for the clarification and advice, that has helped. Now to find a good book icon_lol.gif
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    I agree with the others with security+, but with your background I'd recommend immediately persuing CISSP studies. Physical security is an important part of that test.
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    bull313bull313 Member Posts: 138
    In terms of a good book, I think either Darril Gibson's or Emmett Dulaney's book would be a great start (I'm using Gibson's).

    Good luck to you! :)
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