A+ for a Cyber Security/Networking Major?

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Is the A+ really neccessary for a Cyber Security/Networking major? I've whized through all my CCNA classes so far, and did well in my Windows class, but a lot of this A+ hardware information seems SO overwhelming to someone with no field exp. Am I wasting my time studying for A+? It seems like it's mainly for people who want to be PC techs (which I don't have an interest in).


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    You ever hear the one about the Network/Security guy calling the help desk to figure out why his cupholder won't pop back out?
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    I am a Cyber Security Major that recently attained my Associates and start my Bachelors in Cyber Security and I have my A+ Certification, so is it a waste of time studying for it? Never. The A+ was my first ever cert and i'm proud of it. From what I hear from you is that you are not interested, and that plays a key role in motivation. If you are not interested in A+, then focus your energy on the CCENT/CCNA, Security+ exams instead. I would advise to go for your Security+ exam since you'll find a lot of the lingo from Cyber Security in that exam. After you get your CCNA you can go for your CCNA Security, and so on.
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    Learning the A+ material is not a waste of time, but I see little reason to get the A+.
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    I'm currently a student in Networking & Security and I did the A+ last summer. A few days after I finished the A+ and posted my updated resume I was offered an internship where I was able to get hands on networking experience. You should understand the basics of how to maintain computers before going for networking jobs. If you don't have any hands on experience, I highly recommend the A+ exam, because it shows you're able to do basic tasks that people new the field are expected to do, and it will help you get the experience you need. The only experience you need for the A+ is the experience of an educated end user. I suggest trying to build a computer out of old computer parts (or new computer parts if you need a new computer & can afford it) to practice.
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    I have been seeing a lot of job postings really that require an A+ certification for employment. Most of which are not hardware related.
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    I second what the guys are advising, the A+ certification teaches you the basics of IT and for a person with no experience at all the A+ cert could set your foot into the door, in the recent A+ certification they don't just teach you the computer hardware specs they also touch basis into networking and security but the topics are not in depth though, so its not really a waste of time. On the other hand if the A+ certification does not interest you and since you are interested in Cyber Security then Security+ would be good starting point for you.
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    "Cyber security" is one of those buzzwords that's intentionally vague and has broad applicability. That said, everything builds from the basics at the ground level. Depending where you are in your career and what your goals are, having the A+ certification itself may or may not be beneficial, but knowing your tools (which includes the computing device and its components) is important. If you're proficient in the applications you run but don't know how your machine influences those applications or their results, you'll be working on complex systems without understanding the physical layer sufficiently.
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    Well, Just because I spent 5 minutes reading comments.. I will post icon_neutral.gif A person will devote the blood, sweat, tears, and late nights for a subject they are interested in. FACT. If you lack interest, You will not apply yourself studying... I suggest knowing the basics, paying attention in class, the fundamentals do you need to take the exam,,,, well. NOPE ..A+ is $188.00 for the voucher X2 vouchers =$376.00> CCNA and Security+. Go to indeed type in the a Job and see what certifications they REQUIRE. That is the best advice. In all honesty some jobs want "higher level" certifications. Some jobs want A+…but I am sure I can count them on 1 hand. icon_rolleyes.gif

    P.S. Do NOT waste 376 bucks!!! To get a job that REQUIRES A+, then you have to get another Certification just to move up…..
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