CompTia A+Plus Examination.

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I am studying for the CompTIA A+ Examination. I have built my own PC and upgraded and repaired several other systems. I have not, however, worked in a computer workshop. Will this experience of building and repairing systems at home qualify me to sit this examination?

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    Don't worry, there are no requirements to take the test (Well, unless you consider 2 valid forms of ID a requirement). Anyone can take the test, and since you have experience with fixing computers you should be able to pass it fairly easily. Most people that take the test seem to have no job experience, myself included, and they were able to pass the test without a hitch. Just get yourself a good book to study from and get prepared.

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    That is exactly how I came in to A+. Doing what you have done you have an excellent foundation. You still will need to read up on things you probably don't work with much-- memorizing standard IRQs, I/O addresses and the like.

    Good luck!
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