Frame Relay Network Types: Ding Ding

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Hi Guys,

I have been trying my best to get hold of all the Frame relay network types . Now the question that arises from deep within for me is that i understand for OSPF we have 5 modes of operation for frame-relay network types

>Non broadcast
>Point to Point
>Point to Multi Point
>Point to Multi Point Non broadcast

So my question is does this 5 types apply to EIGRP as well , What about RIP ? Because i haven't seen any one explain these types with regards to RIP in any books or Online materials that i have been going through.And in EIGRP does all these 5 types are applicable ?

One more thing what about BGP ? Haven't seen any one till now referring to BGP when it comes to frame- relay .I Know that in todays world service providers run MPLS in their core with BGP connecting to their end customers.Not meant to use in real world but its gonna work right with frame-relay ?


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    Ask yourself, what are the differences between these network types and why are they needed in OSPF?
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  • -DeXteR--DeXteR- Member Posts: 130
    I have been doing labs on frame relay and i have got fair grasp of OSPF network types now .In EIGRP i have seen point-to-point , point-to-multipoint and non broadcast [ default ] are the only options available for us on the table. Also one more thing i wanted to ask is before MPLS came into the picture with the VPN VRF concepts how were the service providers working without it ? What was running the world service providers to give service to the enterprises ?

    P.S - > Questions , questions , questions i got like hundreds of them and i feel like if you shy away from asking you will never learn.
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    Dieg0M wrote: »
    Ask yourself, what are the differences between these network types and why are they needed in OSPF?

    I really like this reply!

    Do what Dieg0M says and all will be revealed ;)
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    Guys common :D all i'm asking is for the spark , i'll light up the fire till the end.
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    A second hint would that they aren't frame relay network types per se. Rather, they are OSPF network types, designed to make OSPF run on different types of layer 2 networks. Frame Relay has certain characteristics that make certain network types unsuitable, or require specific design considerations.

    So, step one would be to understand the difference between a broadcast and a non-broadcast multiaccess data link layer when running OSPF. For example, why can't OSPF form a neighbor relationship between the spokes of a hub-and-spoke frame relay network even if they are on the same subnet? Basically, the network types will start to make sense once you realize why frame relay is different from ethernet.

    And to realize why OSPF actually has these network types, and EIGRP doesn't, you need to take a look at how these protocols distribute information to their neighbors on a multiaccess segment.
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