TCP/UDP Explanation

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I am taking my S+ tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone could help me clarify some issues.
Searching through the forums I noticed that people recommend knowing if a port/protocol is UDP or TCP. Online sites and many other databases of ports usually list almost all ports as both. I know that most mail protocols are TCP, and throughout my studying I found that FTP and most of the secure protocols also use TCP; however when I search online I see that most of them are listed under the category as both.

I guess what I am searching for is if someone could tell me which ports I need to know as TCP or UDP for my test tomorrow. Such as:

20/ 21/ 22 / 23 (UDP?) / 25 (UDP?) / 49 (both?) / 53 (both?) / 88 (both?) / 137-139 (both? Net-bios) / 3389 (both?)

I greatly appreciate any help.



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    I am curious about the answer to this question as well.

    One pair of protocols that I feel will be good to know the port type is: TACAS uses UDP 49, while TACAS+ uses TCP 49
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    Also I am a little nervous about the topic discussed here

    Creating a ACL - Denying/ Allowing ports?
    Reading Logs - any assistance with identifying devices by IP addresses ?
    Creating a WAP - Im guessing for this one it's knowing MAC Adresses, SSID Broadcast, WEP VS WAP
    Failures in Networks - Nervous about this one

    The explanation from one of the guys talking about CIDR notations and SRC/DST Hosts has me clueless.

    Sweating bullets over here after paying a pretty penny for my voucher.
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    This is not Network+ icon_silent.gif Ok you have FTP listed, do NOT forget FTPS which If memory serves me correctly is 989/990. You are missing IPSec as well what uses 50 and what uses 51?. When/if they put "secure" in the question/sim and you just know the unsecured version it could potentially "trick you up". That attachment is Great, You obviously do not need to memorize all of them. You need to know what uses 20/21/22/23 etc etc not just TCP/UDP. Read through the blah blah blah, then get to the first simulation…then WRITE DOWN the ports on the laminated sheet you will be given. and you seem a little short on ports/protocols.. I hope you know the rest. What is 1443? what is 389?? you better stay up late and STUDY.Good Luck
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    I realize this I was listing some of the more common ports associated on the test.
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    Pay close attention:
    You: Creating a ACL- Denying/Allowing ports?
    Me:If it is not implicitly allowed it is Implicitly denied which goes back to the Deny Any Any. Last rule( out the book)
    You: Reading Logs-
    Me: Get on D. Gibson website, pay 20 bucks for the practice exams and sample simulation questions. And tomorrow you better buy me a 6-pack.
    You: Creating a WAP:
    Me:You are on the right track, keep it up. Do not forget to remember ports. icon_study.gif
    You: Failures in Networks-
    Me: Should be self explanatory.
    You: blah blah blah CIDR
    Me: Is subnetting in the objectives??? I do not remember seeing it.

    Any more advice I will be forced to charge, and ask you did you read the D. Gibson book, if not that is why you are having such problems. You are having trouble with the "easy stuff" Crypto, PKI, DRP, BIA, etc etc would be what you should be stressing over crash.gif
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    I think I got it under control, I was just seeking any advice I could get before the exam. Let you know how it goes.
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    Good Luck. I wish you the best!! Take it slow
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    I'm also taking my Security+ tomorrow. Thanks for the tips.
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    Good luck!

    dpsmooth15, mind posting the link to purchase Darril's simulations? I must be missing it or it's probably right in front of my eyes. Thanks!
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    yes jaywalker, you found it
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    I would go over ports and securing a work place, I would know if you have 192.168.5. # and a subnet mask of 255.255.255.# can # # # # be in the same subnet. The easiest way to start the process of elimination is to, know example, 255.255.255. # is a Class C, I would first look for the 192.168.5.# questions. Then find the "magic number ( if that is the technique you use, its more than one way to skin a cat). Eliminate the loop back address, if they gave you a easy question to eliminate.. know your crypto, key escrow? If you bought that D. Gibson practice sim online. You will pass At Least half the sims, at the minimal 3 sims max 4 sims. ( I had 7) I thought the sims were common sense, but I see some people had difficulties.....
    Good Luck again to the both of you
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    Passed a few minutes ago with 868. The simulations were pretty easy in my opinion, I was stressing way to hard. The only questions I seemed to have gotten wrong after reviewing my printout were the multiple choice. Some of the questions were worded horribly and some had multiple answers that could of been chosen.
    The **** / sample questions and most everything I studied would be straight forward in the question for instance:
    What would you use to make sure that the file isn't corrupt? (basic example, not on test) the answers would be something like - md5 hasing, pgp, kdc, pki...such and such.. however on the exam you will find things such as md5 summary, md5 header, lan hash etc.

    I would recommend knowing each concept somewhat in depth. However the score I received may mean that the questions I was struggling with were the sample questions, anywhooo I passed woop woop! thanks for the help!
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    What's next in your cert line?
    c colon i net pub dubdubdub root
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    Yeah, The test is not difficult. I bet I could give 20 Seniors in high school a book and have them memorize some numbers and in 3 weeks at least 18 would pass. Congratulations
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    Well I'm padding my resume with certs as I am trying to get my first real job out of college. I am guessing my next cert would be CCNET or simply to add N+ to get the trio as I already have A+. I am trying to break in as a help desk tech.
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    @dpsmooth15 IPsec doesn't use port 50 and 51 it uses protocol number 50 and 51, not to be mistaken with. The IKE negotiation within IPsec uses UDP port 500.

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    Grats on the pass!
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    Thanks JasminLandry, It was off the top of my head, not book answers or exam answers. If I were giving them that I would of been more "specific" as to what they needed to know for the exam. and what the simulations are like, that are so "random" that everyone seems to get. Or I could of said IPSec was not on my exam and focus on these ##### because this sim will ask you ________ and this sim will ask you _ ___ __ Even from looking at posts from even from 2 years ago, I have seen people describe sims that I had on my test. Believe me, if someone searches the tech exam forums, for about 20 minutes people (directly/ in-directly) say what is on the exam, and that is the 100% truth (yes I wasted 20 minutes) I was just using it as a example bowing.gif. They PASSED the test, that is all that matters in the long run. and you are a day late icon_thumright.gif
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    dpsmooth15 wrote: »
    Yeah, The test is not difficult. I bet I could give 20 Seniors in high school a book and have them memorize some numbers and in 3 weeks at least 18 would pass. Congratulations
    I would recommend taking the Cisco route.
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