Is MSCE 2012 worth getting?? Idk what to do

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Hey guys, I'm strongly thinking about starting my certification path towards server 2012 but i don't know if 2012 is being used in companies yet. I know 2008 R2 is the most popular but it is retiring in a week or so thus starting 2008 is out of the question but 2012 just seems way too new. I only have my A+ and Network+ but I've always been interested with AD and Server environment...idk what to you guys think it's worth going for the 2012 at this time...would I get any opportunities with this cert?? I appreciate any help/advice. Thank you :)


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    Yes you will want the MCSA or MCSE for 2012. Not because of the lack of popularity yet, but because companies need employees with the 2012 certs to meet the new Microsoft partner competencies. This is big for any Microsoft Gold or Silver IT company. This is one of the things they look for when hiring. It shows that if they invest in hiring you, that the investment will be returned to them by you helping them stay a MS partner.
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    Also, soon the 2008 server exams can no longer be taken. Not only that, but the 2008 server exams will no longer be a MS Partner competency. It is all switching to the new technologies (Windows 8 and Server 2012 for example).
    Next Goal: Office 365 70-346 (Scheduled for 9/25)
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    You should watch this guy. Eli the computer guy. He is pretty straight talking but he does a really good and interesting intro to Windows Server 2012

    Windows Server 2012 - YouTube

    I watch CBT nuggets but preferred the guy above for an intro. Then get a book and go on technet.
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