Taking CISSP exam the day after bootcamp! Wise choice?

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hello all -

I have been pursuing the CISSP exam for over a year now. I've read the books over a span of about a year and a half. Obviously that's a pretty big gap, so I decided to take a bootcamp and jUST DO IT.

I scheduled a bootcamp with InfoSec Institute in Dulles, VA and I just made up my mind that I didn't want to wait any longer! I just need to up and do it.

I just wanted to ask you all your input on taking the exam right after the course? Now, InfoSec claims a really high pass percentage, but I'm only taking that with a 'grain of salt'. Have any of you taken this exam right after a bootcamp? or know of someone who did this and was successful?

thanks a bunch...


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    A typical boot camp has the students taking the CISSP (paper) exam on the last day of the class. After having my brain melted in class for five days, I would prefer to have a week or more to prep from my notes before taking a heavy exam.
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    Thanks JD... I know it may not be recommended, but I want to take the exam while everything is fresh and when there's a no daily life distractions that could come up if I waited.
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    I was thinking about an Infosec boot camp as well. Has anyone taken one with infosec? Is it any good and worth the money?
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    I'm thinking of taking a bootcamp, too. There don't seem to be any scheduled for my area in the next few months, though, so I may have to travel (assuming work will cover the cost). I was hoping to hear whether people have had much success with the bootcamps, so I won't feel like I'm wasting the money.
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    I have to agree with JD, take a few days no more than 2 weeks to take the exam after the class. Although all the information is fresh, not all the dots have been connected and you will be mentally fatigued upon finishing the bootcamp. I would finish the bootcamp take a day or 2 off, then re-study the material for 2-3 days then get a good nights sleep the night before the exam. I went with InfoSec as well and we finished on a Fri I rested Sat. Then reviewed on Sun and Mon and took the test on Tues I felt well rest mentally and made some connections that previously I had not connected.
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    Great responses... thanks guys
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