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Is there any value of Actual Tests and other such question banks? I am asking from the practice perspective, will they help in reviewing the concepts, CCCure and Shon Harris are good, will they be sufficient to review the concepts after going through the Shon and Eric Conard Books. I have decided not to go for studyscope since they are very expensive, I would have gone for them only if they were rated very important which I dont think so from so many posts in this forum.
Would appreciate the guidance.


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    After looking at the website I would have to put this in to these terms: Sounds like a shortcut to auto-fail land. Brain **** of this type and nature are strictly off limits from the certifying organization standpoint. Get caught - get failed. Simple as that.

    You want a certification or just a piece of paper that others will make the effort worthwhile for those who use braindumps? There are already enough know-nothing CISSPs out there with similar, if not, dumped information in their heads.

    If your willing to use such a "service" your clearly not ready for the test and probably shouldn't be looking to certify in the first place. Please leave now.

    - B Eads
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    The problem with practice exams for advanced certifications is that they are often just reworked items from easier exams. You may learn bits and pieces of information that you didn't know, but there's no guarantee any of that will show up on the real exam you take, and they won't help you understand any concepts you don't understand. If you are talking about genuine **** materials, they are mostly created to get quick money and credit card numbers from gullible people looking for an easy pass.
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    I clearly questioned if they are good for a review of the concepts. Answer could be yes or no. I know they are for the cheats and I do not wish to ****.
    The idea is if I have gone through Shon Harris and Eric Conard Books and have understood the concepts and have also practiced cccure questions, what should be my next step.

    The community itself says practice as many questions as possible before you go for the exam, what is wrong in asking what else can help in brushing the concepts. "Please leave now" is really hurting,for what is not one's stand.
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    The website itself basically says its a brain ****. Hence my stance.

    Here's a quick Amazon search for CISSP quiz books - a much better approach: CISSP quiz

    I for one found enough similarities to questions in Rao's book on the exam to be a bit alarmed at the similarities in general. Seriously, alarmed at that!

    - B Eads
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    There are better alternatives out there if you've completed the test bank (which will take a while). ISC2 has there own set of practice questions with the StudISCope. There are also excellent practice questions for CISSP offered through Transcender and Boson. I personally used the Boson test bank and it was a good primer a couple days before the exam.

    Good luck.
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    My take on this will be the more tests you can take the better for you. Also it will all depend on the depth of your understanding of the material. The practice questions provided by Shon Harris IMO are quite good. But because I wanted to practice sufficiently, I invested in Transcenders (about $150) and I have no regret because I passed. If the cost is a factor, you might be able to split cost with a friend (I did that in my case). I also learnt the one from cccure only cost $30, that's a deal! So if you think you're quite strong, those free practice ones may be sufficient but if you think you need more, a little more investment could make a huge difference between a pass or failure. Again, I think the more tests you can wet your hands with the better. Good luck!
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