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Hey guys, currently I'm in the middle of finishing up a couple of things in the next couple of months (AAS and CCNA Security), but I wanted to get ahead of the game and determine what I need for the CCNP. I have bought CCNP ROUTE/SWITCH/TSHOOT simplified and I like them a lot better than the usual OCG. As for videos, I am definitely gonna use CBT Nuggets, but I heard INE is good to have too. What physical equipment do I need outside of using either packet tracer and GNS3, and when you pass one exam, how long does it last? Three years?
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    You will need 2-3550 emi at lease or 2-3560 base on your buget and two layer 2 switches 2950 or 2960. Three year unless you update it with another exam.
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    Chris Bryant's video series on Udemy has great reviews and seems comprehensive. I am about to dive into it next week. There was a good voucher deal over christmas so I bought them for $85. I used the fundemental videos to revise for CCNA and got plenty of Aha moments.
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