Starter Cert?

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Wow, you can edit posts that are over 2 years old?

"I have had just about all I can take of myself"


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    Try getting the A+cert., that would probably be humbling experience for you and help develop your technical foundation .
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    A+ is a good foundation, however, if you are proficient in database apps, why not jump in and go for MSCA...Heres a book that is very good for starters...its the MCSA/MCSE Jump Start from can find it here by searching. www. and get a good deal on a used version in good shape.....good luck and welcome to the world of IT..its a wonderful thing!!

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    You haven't made your needs and desires clear.

    Are you a hardware person or a software person?

    There are certs for us tool using animals, and certs for people who need to make the software work, but leave the hardware to others.

    A+ is a hardware guy cert.

    MOUS is for software only types.

    i-Net+ is a colossal waste, IMHO.

    You seem to be a software type. As noted, MCSA is a good choice if you want to remain on the software side. If you want to cross over to the hardware side, A+, Network+, Server+, in that order.
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