Multiple OSPF areas in DMVPN

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I am designing a new WAN using DMVPN (Phase 2 spoke-to-spoke) and wish to use OSPF. There will no more than 20 remote sites (some with up to 8 subnets), each remote site will have a 2901 router with a 3750X stack (ip base ios). I wish the local 3750 to participate in ospf so in future in the event of a failure of the WAN the ospf routes disappear and traffic re-routes over the backup internet vpn.

Please see attached diagram.

My query is in regard to the ospf areas, I intend to keep area 0 inside of the WAN router at the HQ site. Should I then have a dedicated area (area 1 in the diagram) for the transit/dmvpn network and one each for the internal network at the remote sites (using a virtual link)? Or should I extend area 1 all the way through to the 3750? Or does anyone have a better idea?

thanks in advance
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