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I am using both the Eric Conrad 2nd edition and the Shon Harris AIO 6th edition. For my study I felt that reading through te Eric Conrad study was best for me and use the Shon Harris as a secondary source as a lot of people have used. My question to our great forum is for those who have used Shon Harris as their 2nd source of study, how do you use it exactly? Do you go over the key terms? For example when I finished the Software Development Security chapter in Eric Conrad I was not sure how to approach how to use Shon Harris book as my 2nd option. Do I go over key terms sections and summary? Is that how our CISSP passers have done? Thank you in advance for your inputs. :)


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    I started with the AIO and quickly realized it wasn't for me. I relegated it to a secondary source. Used it a lot for my weaker domains: crypto and app sec. I read those chapters top to bottom. For the other domains I just glanced at the appropriate chapter and did the questions.
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    I actually tackled the AIO first, then used the Conrad book. I think one of the things that helped me the most was the practice exams from Kaplan (Self Test Software) as my tertiary source. There were things I found in there that were either lightly touched on in the book(s) or whose explanations and sources made it much more clear regarding the supporting answers.

    Also, creating analogies for some of the security models and other concepts were helpful when it came to test time.
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    Here is my experience:

    Step 1 : Read Shon Harris for 6 domains (Skipped Operations Security, Physical, Legal & S/W Devop )
    Step 2 : Read Eric Conrad , switch back to AIO for specific topics,
    Step 3 : ( Last 3 Days ) 11th Hours, Switch back to my notes and Eric Conrad as and when required.\

    My Take : both books are good, After reading Shon harris, Eric Conrad will make more sense and you will be able to focus and key areas.
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    For me, I only read the Shon Harris book, though it is quite a handful, I enjoyed reading it as it gave me depth, what made it easy for me was synchronizing the PDF versions with my Ipad (and not having to carry the hard copy around). I actually never used the Eric Book ( I only recently bought it for $1 from a book sale due to the raving reviews I read on this portal, just want to have it for future reference). If you have time and you're seeking depth (depending on your strength of the subject matter) the AIO is great, especially the PDFs. Another thing, I love the free practice test from the Shon's book. Those helped me to get the concept after reading each domain. Wishing you all the best in your study.
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    Thanks everyone for your response and sharing your knowledge. I am going through the shon Harris aio 6th edition with the sections I feel I would need more help on such as the cryptography section. Even though it is longer than the Eric Conrad book I like how very in detail the aio is.
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