GCFE Passed Today

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I sat for the test today and passed. First time to sit on a GIAC cert. and with open books test. Most of the answers for the exam are found in the SANS books. If you did a good index of the books, you can pass the exam with preparation. There were some questions I knew right away and others I had to look up and then some that were not even discussed I was like where did that come from.

SANS has new version of the OnDemand FOR-408 You get a Windows 8 VMware virtual machine with the material I have not activated mine yet as I am building a forensics workstation which I will install it on. You also get a write blocker.
Overall I am very happy, I want to take CHFI in the next year as well as FOR508. I also want to write my own incident handling guide and combine some of the guides
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