GCFE Passed Today

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I sat for the test today and passed. First time to sit on a GIAC cert. and with open books test. Most of the answers for the exam are found in the SANS books. If you did a good index of the books, you can pass the exam with preparation. There were some questions I knew right away and others I had to look up and then some that were not even discussed I was like where did that come from.

SANS has new version of the OnDemand FOR-408 You get a Windows 8 VMware virtual machine with the material I have not activated mine yet as I am building a forensics workstation which I will install it on. You also get a write blocker.
Overall I am very happy, I want to take CHFI in the next year as well as FOR508. I also want to write my own incident handling guide and combine some of the guides
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    Congrats ! It was 3 hour exam yes ?

    Hope to get a good score on the GCFE !
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    You will find the CHFI very weak and unremarkable when compared to the SANS forensics courses and GIAC exams.
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    Yes 3 hrs for the exam, Thanks JD I thought that too.icon_thumright.gif
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    I agree with JD, CHFI is a joke!
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    Great work, congrats!
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    TBRAYS wrote: »
    I agree with JD, CHFI is a joke!

    +1, don't waste your time or money. Save up for FOR508 with GCFA or something else.

    And congrats on passing the exam. I've just wrapped up FOR408 (OnDemand) and am studying for my exam. I'm putting my index together. If you'd care to share yours with me let me know....it would be interesting to see how somebody else does it. A friend of mine gave me his but it was from an earlier version if 408 so all I can use is the topics, not page numbers.
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