Need some advice, Net+, MCSA

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I've always found this forum to be helpful so I'm throwing this out there looking for some advice!

I don't currently work in IT full time so I've been trying to prepare myself for when a move becomes possible. I've been doing consulting on the side for a few years (mostly small businesses, some home users, and a few larger businesses). However I've been wanting to get some skills on paper so I began looking at certifications a few months ago.

I started out with MTA (Windows), then completed 70-680 (MCTS) and 70-685 (MCITP/MCSA) for Windows 7. Currently I'm looking at Network+, the material looks like it makes for a really good background and I'm sure I'd enjoy working on it. I have a free voucher for a Microsoft exam, and I was thinking that working toward the MCSA on Server 2008 would be a really good all-around cert to get. Most everywhere I work is Windows Server based.

Does anyone think it's worth doing both of these certs? I'm wondering if the MCSA Server 2008 could be viewed as a 'higher-level' cert and would be worth skipping the Network+.

Again, I know that these are two totally different beasts, but I'm looking for some direction here. I have the interest and background in both topics, and I already know what a bear the Microsoft exams are. Any thoughts?


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