AMAZON.com Interview for a Network Engineer working within AWS Infrastructure

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Hi folks,

It's obvious that I am nervous about my 1st round of (phone) interview with Amazon for Network Engineericon_exclaim.gif Please help me with your experiences/good or bad. Any input on the below requirement would be valued; dos/don'ts? icon_rolleyes.gif, my approach, topics, questions,icon_redface.gif would be appreciated!!!

A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience is required.
Candidates should have 5+ years industry experience in a similar environment.
Excellent IP networking fundamentals and extensive experience in the application and troubleshooting of IP protocols.
Excellent TCP networking fundamentals and extensive experience in the application and troubleshooting of TCP.
In-depth knowledge of and experience with major internet routing protocols; specifically BGP and OSPF
In-depth knowledge of and experience with major router platforms; specifically with Cisco 37xx, 49xx, 65xx, 73xx, 76xx, Nexus 7K and Juniper MX/EX platforms including all compatible supervisory and line cards for these platforms.
Excellent network analysis fundamentals and robust troubleshooting skills.
Candidates should also have had significant past experience with, and expertise in many of the following protocols & technologies: DWDM, T1/DS1, DS3, SONET (OC3, OC4icon_cool.gif, 802.2/3, 802.1d VLANs/STP, IPv4 & IPv6, TCP (internals & flow control), BGP, OSPF, HSRP/GLBP, PIMv2, IGMP, LDP, TACACS, IPSEC & VPNs, netflow, DNS, HTTP.


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    What daily responsibilities at your job did you do that related to any of the requirements.

    How would you secure the Cisco equipment?

    What are your thoughts and concerns on integrating a local VLAN with a corporate cloud network?

    Have you done any work with certificates?
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    how was you interview ? and what did they ask ?
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    Aren't you a little limited in what you're allowed to say, even when it comes to the title? I wouldn't want to see you lose the opportunity because of this post.
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    Based on when the OP posted this I don't suspect he'll be answering..
    Intro to Discrete Math
    Programming Languages
    Work stuff
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