What kind of career path does this job description sound familiar for?

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I'm currently being scheduled for an interview for this intern position. I would have to take a pay cut but it would give me experience doing something I've never done before for an organization that basically runs things. It doesn't sound very technical, but definitely interests me in the long term. What kind of a more Senior level position do you think this could set me up for?

"The successful candidate will serve as a Technical Architect Support Intern reporting to the IT Services Division. Responsibilities will include: Develop reports to track what environments have been built and provisioned during the current and previous months; gather storage, performance, and other capacity data from multiple sources to ingest into SharePoint; perform projections and trends analysis to determine when additional capacity will be required in order to support the request for new environments including the tracking inflight procurements; monitor patterns of business activity through performance, utilization and throughput of IT services and the supporting infrastructure, environmental, data and applications components; perform Capacity Planning activities which include but not limited to:

Develop Capacity Reports on <organization> infrastructure which includes (Windows, UNIX, Linux, AIX, Mainframe, VM Ware, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, physical and virtual servers, CISCO Network Switches and Routers, ASR Firewalls, Data Center Rack and Stack capacity, Data Center Space, SAN and other technologies); develop Capacity Trends tracking both over utilization and underutilization; work with technical teams to resolve capacity issues to keep deployment on track; work with other <organization> technical groups on projects for both <organization> infrastructure and hosted agencies; and assist with special technology projects as assigned."
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