Memory Tricks

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A way to remember the Syslog Trap/ level Notifications

This method is very handy to remember lists of random things. The trick is to tie each item to the previous one in a way that elicits emotion ( Usually humour, in this case, black humour !)

Thes kind of techniques you can use to remember long random lists far into the future.
The human brain has great difficulty remembering strings longer than 7 or 8.

This allows you to remember it both forwards and backwards.

I see a car crash

I alert the police

The guy who crashes the car has Critial heart-attack

I make an Error punching him in the nose to calm him down

He waves his arm warning me to stop

I recieve Notification that I am going to Prison for punching him

I am reading piles of Legal information in my prison Cell

I kill a cockroach that scuttles past

The darkness of the story is a result of the words we need to remember It is not a window into my mind..cough, cough.

Bonus round !

I remember OSPF router election being the Highest because it is smoking a Joint and blowing "O" rings
- EIGRP is the opposite.

Another memory technique I have yet to get around to using is putting the items on route you are familiar with ( e.g rooms in your house, the walk to your local shop ). This is how those guys memories packs of cards in minutes.

I'd love if other people posted there own ideas.
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