Exam Cram A+ 220-801/802 (6th edition)

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    yes, I have this book and just finished reading it a few weeks ago. very good layout and practice test engine...
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    No. I had the 701/702 version of that book and it asked all kinds of random question about stuff like "how many pins are on a Pentium one?" That couldn't have been further from what was really on the exam. It makes you feel like you need to memorize a bunch of crap you don't need to know.
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    Jane, but this book is the updated version 801/802.
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    I used that and everything worked out for me. I made a decent review of the book on here, if you search my posts in this forum you can find it pretty easy.

    If you need a "intro" to everything PC, get the A+ bible. If you have built a few PC's, get this book. There were only two inaccuracies in the book I could find, one was regarding RAID types and the other escapes me right now...

    edit: Forgot I still have it, PM me if you want a deal on it.
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    Exam Cram books have always been good sources when I've used them.
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