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if anybody has any helpful info on net+ it would be most welcome . ive just started the course and it takes 8 weeks. icon_wink.gif


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    Mine takes 4, but I have an advantage since I've been studying for it off and on for a long time. Techskills is giving me a hand, and they break it down kinda like a college course. Once I actually pass a few exams training there, I'll write a review and pass on my info.

    Anyway, I found that the Mike Meyers book is pretty decent. I also bought the Syngress one when I was studying on my own. The material is more dry and in depth, and both books go a bit further than you'll need on the actual exam, but it's all god info to have. Mike's humor also helps.

    Other than that, just study hard, take the practice exams and technotes offered here, and you'll do just fine. The network+ seems like the A+, its BASIC but not SIMPLE, and lays a decent foundation for higher certifications.

    Most people also find subnetting to be a pain, and it's been recommended tons of times to visit www.learntosubnet.com. Good stuff.

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