Best area for security consulting or small business?

I really enjoy security, all apects of it really. In my current position i do almost all things that concern confidentiality, integrity and availibility.

My question is this, if one were to eventually leave the government sector and consult for them, which portion of security would be most sucessful in your opinion? And why?


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    wes allenwes allen Member Posts: 540 ■■■■■□□□□□
    Consulting with the government as your client? I think it is tough for small shops to get very far at the federal, and state level, but local gov't might be doable. If you just want a small biz that does security consulting, then look at vertical markets - lawyer, accountants, medical offices, etc and then try to build your clients within that base. Or you could go the other way, and specialize in something like Incident response or Intrusion prevention and work that aspect across multiple vertical markets. I think have to compeate with MSP and MSS for general security work might be tougher then being really focused on one core market or skill set. Then, the MSP can contract you for that area if they are weaker within it.
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