Got Laid off (SMH) (Future Proofing Question)

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Hey Folks,

In the wacky world in which I live, we were just outsourced (IT SUPPORT) to a 3rd party.I have until June 31st until my separation date because I am considered a "key member" So at least there is that.There is an opportunity to interview with the 3rd party that is coming in (Very well known company) to get hired and actually perform my old role in a managed services capacity for my old company, however I think I'd rather move on.

Anyway... while I have 6 months of more than likely diminished impact as I'll be training others to handle my role... I am wondering about new paths:


I want to start future proofing myself, and would like any recommendation on those. I have about equal interest in all three... so its not really "Do what you feel" I am looking for biggest ROI and future proofing. Any ideas?


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    If you double up on Scripting/Programming and Security I think you would be in a very good spot. Security professionals that are good with code/scripting seem to be hard to come by, and IMO programmers with very good security knowledge (and can audit/review code or build secure code) are worth their weight in gold.
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    Sorry to hear about the outsourcing. I have been involved in quite a few of these. I usually tell people to work in a portion of IT where you make money for the company, vs being a cost. That is the best way currently to future proof your career.
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    I agree 100% with shodown. I've never been a fan of internal IT department work.
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    I agree 100% with shodown. I've never been a fan of internal IT department work.

    +3, I used to hate being a contractor and always wanted to be internal IT, but I've seen many either be laid off or converted over to contractor after the company decided to be outsourced. As a contractor making money for the company, you have another way (and proof) of why they need to keep you or your group on board.
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    Put me down for scripting.
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