Failed 70-410

meestaplunkmeestaplunk Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
Failed 70-410 with 647. No R2 content.

Biggest killer was IPv6. I think I would have passed if I was stronger in that area. I also struggled with FSMO role's, IIS permissions and domain controller cloning. I was surprised to see that content on this exam because those topics are listed as objectives for the 70-412 exam.

My plan is to retake in 3 weeks. One week to review my weak areas and two weeks to study new R2 content.

I've been working with 2012/R2 for about 6 months - I've done several upgrades to 2012/R2 and deployed a few domains using 2012/R2.I built/broke/blew away 3 domains during my labbing time. I used the MS press 70-410 book, PluralSight, TechNet and various youtube videos.

I'm wondering if I should learn/review basics of other MS products (SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, Dynamic, etc) for this exam. I had more than a few question that I felt had nothing to do with installing and configuring server 2012 - especially the IIS stuff.


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