Failed 70-410

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Failed 70-410 with 647. No R2 content.

Biggest killer was IPv6. I think I would have passed if I was stronger in that area. I also struggled with FSMO role's, IIS permissions and domain controller cloning. I was surprised to see that content on this exam because those topics are listed as objectives for the 70-412 exam.

My plan is to retake in 3 weeks. One week to review my weak areas and two weeks to study new R2 content.

I've been working with 2012/R2 for about 6 months - I've done several upgrades to 2012/R2 and deployed a few domains using 2012/R2.I built/broke/blew away 3 domains during my labbing time. I used the MS press 70-410 book, PluralSight, TechNet and various youtube videos.

I'm wondering if I should learn/review basics of other MS products (SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, Dynamic, etc) for this exam. I had more than a few question that I felt had nothing to do with installing and configuring server 2012 - especially the IIS stuff.


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    Can relate ,through i do not have real windows administration experience .Allot of my exam questions ware totally unrelated with the material in two Microsoft certified books. Even now when i m using the Training Guide as well i dont see much new information from the exam reference book. For example all that is said about domain controller cloning is that windows 2012 has improvements in this area (something with every windows has an unique identifier that mitigates problems when snapshoting etc.)
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    Very surprised to hear that you failed given the experience you have listed as well as the materials that you used. But I really wonder about these books, I just had a look at the Exam Ref 410 book and it only has about 20 pages on DNS. Whereas the 70-291 book has about 75 pages on DNS! The Server 2003 were much better books for learning from IMO.

    You weren't too far away though, so hit your weak points and hope you get a different easier set of questions. Good luck with your retake!
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    i heard r2 contect was going to be added in a couple days on the 28th
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    Despite virtual domain controller cloning not being listed specifically as an exam objective they still include a link under the exam preparation resources of the exam objectives

    Preparation resources
    What's new in Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) installation
    Virtualisation-safe technology and domain controller cloning
    Overview of Active Directory simplified administration
    ICND1 - Passed 25/01/10
    ICND2 - Passed 9/03/10

    Studying CCNA:S
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    Wait. IIS permissions? That is way off the charts! Care to elaborate or were they just using that an example service? I don't see that on the normal or R2 requirements.
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    Very interesting. I got a 612 on the exam about 2 weeks ago and was weak in the exact same areas. icon_cry.gif

    I never knew FSMO would bring me to my knees but it did.

    Almost felt as if had I gotten 5 more questions correct I would have passed. Given that I counted 8 questions which I knew I was going to get wrong.
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    jso wrote:
    Wait. IIS permissions? That is way off the charts! Care to elaborate or were they just using that an example service? I don't see that on the normal or R2 requirements.

    I'm going to try and say this in a way that I don't believe violates NDA. I've worked in IT about 5 years so I've touched IIS more than a few times. The question was not like "You have a server running IIS, how do you open Server Manager?". The topic of the question was a specific area of IIS.
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    Sorry to hear it =(
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