Looking in to IT as a career... advice please

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I hope this is the right spot for this...

About 12 years ago I got certified as a MCSD through Microsoft. The certification was a bit bogus to be honest as the school basically gave us the answers to the test a day or two prior to taking it and I was always good at memorizing things so I obtained the certification without learning a whole lot and the little that I did learn has long been forgotten as it's been over a decade.

Without rambling on too much I'm contemplating going back to school for something in the IT field but I'm not quite sure exactly which direction I should go.

I'm looking for something that meets the following criteria:

- Is stable. Is there a job in IT that is less susceptible to outsourcing?

- My background is in finance. Both the sales and operations sides. Is there a career in IT that would merge well with these?

- I want to work remotely. I don't have any kids (knock on wood) and I'm not married. I love to travel and would enjoy something where as long as I got my work done my boss could care less where I'm located.

I realize if I head down this path it's something that would take years to accomplish. I'm just at a loss as to what area of IT to pursue. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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