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Chassisd Report :-

Jan 18 06:58:51 SVP-R1 chassisd[4306]: CHASSISD_FAN_FAILURE: Jseries chassis fan 1 in slot 2 failed
Jan 18 06:58:51 SVP-R1 craftd[4308]: Major alarm set, Jseries chassis fan 1 Failure
Jan 18 06:58:56 SVP-R1 alarmd[4307]: Alarm cleared: Fan color=RED, class=CHASSIS, reason=Jseries chassis fan 1 Failure
Jan 18 06:58:56 SVP-R1 craftd[4308]: Major alarm cleared, Jseries chassis fan 1 Failure
Jan 18 07:30:06 SVP-R1 /kernel: vlan: invalid PFE queue counter pairs to copy, src 0xc3b25800, dst 0x0
Jan 18 07:43:41 SVP-R1 chassisd[4306]: CHASSISD_BLOWERS_SPEED: Fans and impellers are now running at normal speed

show chassis environment

Class Item Status Measurement
Temp Routing Engine OK 47 degrees C / 116 degrees F
Fans Jseries CPU fan OK Spinning at high speed
Jseries Chassis fan 0 OK Spinning at high speed
Jseries chassis fan 1 Check
Power Power Supply 0 OK

As you guys can see there is a failure in FAN so the Router increases the speed of the other FAN. But after few minutes router resolves the issue and now all FANS are running normally.

My Question:-

What could be the cause of this failure?
How does router solves this failure?
If this problem keeps on repeating after lets say every 15 days can this result into Hardware damage?
Can router show false alarm? Is it possible that router clears the alarm but the problem may still be present?
Is there anything i can do in order to prevent this type of failure again?
Is this thing Normal?


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    Open a TAC case. Usually something like this is hardware failure and you will get a replacement, but there is the off chance it is software related.
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