Passed 70-410! Just...

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I got 730. The pass mark is 700. I failed the beginning of December with 683.

I studied for one month before the first time and got 683 then studied a further 2 months and got 730... I found the test really hard, even harder second time. I used Trainsignal videos and MCSA study guide.

Funny thing was, I felt totally fine and labbed loads, understood everything. I think its the style of question that throws me off. I worked out the first 2 lines mean nothing in the context of the question. My reaction answers felt right but the more I read the question the more I doubted. Found the Cisco exams so much easier. Yet I feel like I know Windows Server even better than I understood Cisco...

Strange, anyway, going to give myself a month and a half to study for 70-411, guess I need to get R2 now too.

Any ideas on study style for the next exam? I feel like I could be studying wrong for these exams... The trainsignal videos were very basic, is CBT nuggets better? Will I also need to buy a new book now, or should I just self study the extras for R2 using technet or something?



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