Planning for Net+

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My Net+ is expiring this year and i've taken the opportunity to start studying towards it. When I did the exam 3 years ago this was the 004 and I understand there's been quite a lot of updating since then including performance based questions.
I know I'm a CCNP but I like keeping everything up-to-date and am not going to underestimate the Net+ exam as want to score as high as possible and take it all very seriously.

I've been watching keith Barker's CBT nuggets Net+ series and am amazed at how much detail he goes into. It is far more indepth (for net+)than what I studied 3 years ago. Has the network+ changed so much in the last 3 years? is this material par for the course?

Can anyone tell me more about these performance based questions?
can you still go back and review your answers before submitting it finally?

I'm an Xpert at nothing apart from remembering useless information that nobody else cares about.
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