RHCSA + CCNP + Checkpoint.... Good foundation for a Network/Security Consultant?

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Hello everyone!

Just another question (or a few) about what people in the field think.

I'm Currently CCNA+CCNA Security certified. Been trying quite hard to get a job, have had many bites, but still no job yet... So in the meantime I feel that I should continue my education, be able to put something on my resume and say I was doing something during the time that I wasn't working... ;)

I've seen a ton of jobs asking for Networkers with Linux skills, as well as many jobs asking for checkpoint specialists recently. Also it seems that CCNA's are a dime a dozen, so I'm thinking I need to step it up a level in the networking/security area.

I was/am debating just going straight for the CCIE written, since the price of the test is less than the 3 CCNP tests together. I know the lab isn't cheap, but If I could get a good job in the meantime, I would (hopefully) have enough time to save/study up for it.
I guess my question in this area would be, is this a reasonable goal? Has anyone looked for a job/hired someone after the CCIE written, and what are my chances if I take that route? I also saw that they changed the CCIE to v5, I have the v4 official cert guide and have read it a bit, but it's a few months out before the new material comes in, not sure what to do...

After taking the CCNA Security and looking at the job market I really noticed the demand for firewalls other than the ASA. I've specifically seen 5 jobs in the last 2 weeks all asking for Checkpoint specialists, so I'm also thinking this may be something I should try and tackle. Not heard of many people with the CCSA, but I went ahead and got the Security Gateway trial, as well as all their docs for implementing, config, VPNs, ect. I guess I don't have much to ask on this one, other than if many people work with these often, or have done the CCSA...?

Last one. (Thanks if you've read this far! ) :D I've also worked a little bit with several different servers that run on different linux distros, and seeing how the job market seems to love people with Linux skills, this seems to be one also standing out for me. I've grabbed some training material for the RHCSA and have been thinking about trying to tackle that one as well (I have alot of time on my hands.... :D). Not sure how many Security/Network Engineers work much with Linux at their job, but I've seen it asked for on enough job ads that it's also stood out for me a bit. Thoughts on this one?

My rough goal is to (hopefully) become a Network/Security consultant in 5 years time. Maybe I'm shooting high (...?) but I was always taught to do so.... icon_cheers.gif

Anyone with thoughts, input, criticism, or anything else helpful, are greatly appreciated. I've been lurking around this forum quite a bit and seen alot of great advice, so thanks again folks! :)
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