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So I have recently received the final parts for my lab and well it's messy, so does anyone know a good place to get a cabinet from, and what dimensions am I looking for in the cabinet?

Thanks :D
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    +1 for Skeletek racks. They're awesome and definitely worth the price.
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    I used RS7030 OnStage Stand But I think I would have gone for a 20 unit Skeletek rack if I had to do it again.

    Amazon.com : OnStage RS7030 Rack Stand : Sound Component Racks And Accessories : Musical Instruments
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    Craigslist. I started with ^^^ (OnStage Rack Stand), but eventually found a nice 2-Post Rack with a bunch of shelves, etc...on Craigslist for $80. I bought a 4-Post [off Craigslist] for $75 when I moved to my new apartment, but I had to sand off the rust and repaint it. Only downside is the shelves from the 2-Post are a little too wide for the 4-Post.
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    I got a 12u cabinet from gumtree for £25, including 6 way power bar.
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    yeah u can buy it really cheap off ebay etc, sometimes people are happy you are going to take it away...
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