Desperate for Opinions - Systems Analyst/MBA - IT Management/Cisco Academy

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I want to say Thank You in advance! I appreciate any advice!

Hello Everyone,

I hope this is not repetitive and I look forward to your reply :D.

Similar to many other posts, my question is in regard to my career path and choice of education/certifications. I have no professional IT experience and no certifications. My degree is a B.A in Criminology and Criminal Justice and I currently work as a Corporate Security Fraud Analyst in the banking industry (2yrs experience). I deal a lot with data mining, risk management, setting strategies, etc... I desperately want to work in the IT industry.

In order to get my foot in the door, I am currently pursuing a MBA - Information Technology Management degree at Florida Institute of Technology and enrolled in the Cisco Networking Academy (Routing & Switching - CCENT, CCNA).

  • What value does a MBA - Information Technology Management degree have for a person with no professional IT experience and no IT degree? Would it be better for me to get a MS in IT/Cyber-security, or does the MBA - IT degree better complement my background in the banking industry?

  • Does having a CCENT and CCNA certification complement an MBA - IT management degree, or are they on opposite ends of the spectrum? Meaning, are they irrelevant to each other?

  • I like idea of network engineering, utilizing software, planning and managing. Therefore, I thought a Computer Systems Analyst role would be a good job for me. Am I taking the appropriate steps to become a systems analyst? Should I pursue different certifications?

I know no one can actually answer this question, but what would you do if you were in my situation? I want to take advantage of my useless degree and current work experience.


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    In my very limited experience, the vast majority of MBA's in IT that I've seen are management who can honestly share this sentiment with you:
    I have no professional IT experience and no certifications

    If I were in your shoes, and wanted to get into the dirty part of IT, I'd probably go for certifications instead of a Masters.
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