MCSE (MCITP) info? is ir right for me? ADVICE PLEASE!!!

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Hi guys i'm interested in doing my MCSE (Previously MCITP) this year and the course starts on the 11th feb. Quite costly so I wanna know if the course is manageable? I have a Diploma in IT, Web Design and Development. So I have some knowledge but NO networking knowledge! icon_rolleyes.gif

I wanna know whats it all about! What it entails, any math? Any coding? Anything hard for the brain to comprehend? icon_study.gif

Please give me some advice! I don't want to waste my parents money! icon_sad.gif

Exams included in course :

Thank you icon_cheers.gif



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    Math? Probably not. Coding? Yes, you'll need at least a little bit of powershell work. This is a pretty big "course" long is this supposed to take you? If what you're saying is correct, then you could walk out of this with MCSE: Server Infrastructure, MCSA: Win 8, and 1 test shy of MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure certifications. That's a helluva a lot of learning to get done, and it's all Windows 8 and Server 2012.

    MCSE: Server Infrastructure | Microsoft
    MCSA: Windows 8 Certification | Microsoft
    MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure | Microsoft

    I'm sure there will be things that are hard to learn, but that's part of the fun!! icon_cheers.gif But seriously....this won't be easy to do. Why the asterisks in there?
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    the coding isn't too much to worry about though. It is simple scripting and most of it is single commands. Why is the 415 so early in your exam? That may be a bit more than you are ready for. I don't know much about it so other's opinions may be more valid here. I do know that the 415 is usually taken after the 410,11, and 12. Also curious why it is in your plan without the 70-416 exam. Otherwise the 70-415 is not going to get you another MCSE cert. You do have a path to MCSE without out it.
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