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NetworkSecurity Analyst
Experience working with the following Linux OperatingSystems Centos and Ubuntu. I have working experience with configuringLDAP, IP Tables, I've also created static NAT translations for one toone and one to many configurations for the Cisco ASA 5500 series.I've configured firewalls to open and close specific ports byAccess-list configurations and have also blocked specific IP's thatour IDS deemed a possible intruder. I've configured site to site VPNconnections on the ASA firewall including configuring VPN user-nameand 16 character passwords on the local database of the ASA.Configured Snort IDS/IPS, configure log monitoring on specificinterfaces.

  • VMWare experience
  • Data connectivity
  • CPU, RAM and hard drive performance testing
  • IT security policies
  • Customer service specialist
  • Secure cisco router

  • System Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution
  • Create VIP's, Pool's, with F5 loadbalancer
  • Vendor & Client Account Relations
  • QA BGP, HSRP installation

Managed System Support Engineer
June 2009 to Present
  • Basic Linux, navigation.
  • VMWare configuration
  • Cisco VPN site to site configurations,
  • Cisco Access Lists configuration,
  • Configure F5 Big IP Loadbalancing, Pools, Irules
  • Cisco ASA Firewall Configuration 5505,5520,5585
  • Cisco ASA AAA, Radius configuration
  • Configuring Static Nat and Opening ports on Firewall.
  • Utilize Orion monitoring for SNMP alerts in regards to cisco interfaces, cisco IOS cpu utilization.
  • maintaining and performing routine updates on high availability BIND DNS servers.
  • Configuring DNS A records, CNAME'S, Recursive DNS
  • , PTR Records, removing DNS Zone Files.
  • QA BGP Installations of circuits, Duplex settings of interfaces.
  • Troubleshoot latency issues, down circuits for customers.
CDN Network Engineer---- Atlanta, Ga
June 2009 to August 2012
  • Packet Captures, SNORT, cache purge.
  • Token Authentication setup, HTTP / DNS operations.
  • . Monitor high-volume CDN network traffic flow across network media
  • Apache Webserver configuration, Packet Captures, cache purge.
Help Desk Analyst
August 2007 to June 2009

Technical Scope: Maintained company servers, computers,printers, cables and other equipment. Worked with outside vendors andteams to develop voice and data wiring infrastructure.
  • PC/Systems Management, Systems Development, IT Equipment Installation.
  • technical support for all back-office network and all POS register operations.
  • Established strong working relationship with ISP vendors such as Concord, CYBERA, Mega Path, and Bell South (AT&T) to troubleshoot and resolve variety of network connection issues.
Telecommunications Technician
October 2006 to August 2007

Technical Scope: Diagnosed network problems involving acombination of hardware, software, power and communications issues.Responded to all client requests for technical support by phone,email and the inter-office chat service.
  • Entrusted with installing, testing, and servicing residential client's Internet modems, phone systems, and cable video system equipment.
  • Managed day-to-day installation and customer support activities, completing all reports, quality audits, and problem escalation strategies.
  • Performed RF troubleshooting and monitored / logged cable leakage data.
  • Evaluated completed work, reviewing picture / phone service quality, educating customers on proper use and functions of equipment and services.
  1. M.S. in Information Security Management - NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY, Ft Lauderdale, FL (2014)
  2. B.S. in IT with emphasis in Telecommunications - BARRY UNIVERSITY, Miami Shores, FL (2004)
  3. A.S. in Network Services Administration - DEVRY UNIVERSITY, Decatur, GA (2009)
  4. Certifications
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Cisco CCNA-Security
  • Comptia Security+
  • Juniper JNCIA

    References Available Upon Request


  • darkerzdarkerz "Too many routers"? Heh. Member Posts: 431 ■■■■□□□□□□
    1. Summary is too long. I am not compelled to read down, it's boring.

    2. Technical is not technical enough, it's a filler. A list of "Things, protocols and programs" should be short, relevant and listed somewhere else. Experience and education first.

    3. Work experience is too bullet'ee. I don't care, as a hiring manager, that you configure Device A. Tell me about your achievements, projects, resource optimization, cost saving measures, etc. Otherwise you're just a gear-head with no business acumen. Did you lead any projects to attempt to or successfully automate tasks? All I see you doing is configuring with no context to support it.

    4. Education should be on top if you're not a Mid-Sr level role, IMO.

    5. Remove "References Upon Request". This is a filler.

    6. The formatting is off and makes me nervous. I dislike the Education section, why is certifications #4 in a list of bullets?
  • GreenHornetGreenHornet Junior Member Member Posts: 25 ■□□□□□□□□□
    The copy and paste isn't that cooperative with the forum :).
  • Death DreamDeath Dream Senior Member Member Posts: 149
    darkerz wrote: »
    1. Summary is too long. I am not compelled to read down, it's boring.

    "Experience working with the following Linux OperatingSystems Centos and Ubuntu. I have working experience"

    Your summary made me stop reading after I saw the word "experience" twice in two sentences. Avoid using the same word multiple times. Also, Operating Systems needs a space.
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