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So after countless days and hours lurking the forums and pounding my head away at books, I managed to get my A+ and Net+ certifications. Net+ just being finished last week. After going through pages and pages of this subforum I brought my resume to what I felt was the best I could do, and started throwing it out to various places. I just got a call back from one too, a remote tech support company based out San Marcos, TX.

I wasn't able to answer the phone when she called, because I was currently working at the dead end job I'm trying to get out of. She left me a very nice voicemail though asking if I was still interested in the position because they were very interested in me based on my resume. (Thanks, Techexams!). The exact description for the job she said was "We are currently hiring Entry-Level Technical Support Representatives to provide support with: general Internet connectivity troubleshooting, application based email support, as well as wireless and AV/FW configurations. "

I'm assume she's going to call me back tomorrow, when I called back they were closed so I left a voicemail saying I was still very interested in the position. My question here is what kind of questions should I prepare myself for? I've never been to a tech interview, and I'm kind of nervous. TIme to brush up on everything I can with network configurations I guess and practice reciting my soft skills. If anyone has maybe worked for them, let me know your experience.

Also to anyone new to IT that's in a similar boat, I think they hire pretty often.


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    Know what TCP/IP does, as well as DNS,DHCP,the default gateway, and of course remote desktop. It is also helpful to know basic commands like IPConfig, NSlookup, tracert, etc....
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    Okay, I was expecting it wouldn't be anything too in depth for an entry level position. Thanks for helping me feel a little reassured. By the way grew up in Orlando, interesting place.
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    Oh no you dont' have to get into detail, just basic knowledge.
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    I think some of us on here are familiar with this job.
    Let us know how it goes.
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    So far everything is going well! They called and asked me a couple of questions, such as why I feel like I would be good for telenetworks then sent me on to take a skills and typing tests. 30 question test with simple questions like "what is a ping" and such. I have a skype interview Monday, and if that goes well, will hopefully get the job. Pay isn't so good... but at least it's IT experience.
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    Hi, did you get/take this job? I just applied to this one too and got the same phone call as you stated. I am wondering how it goes later. If you did get the job, do you like doing it? Thanks for your attention.
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    This reminds of what I went through working for PlumChoice. I hated that job.
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