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Hi All

I'm quite interested to learn about what order people study in. I'm looking to start learning for the 70-410 exam and will be using CBT Nuggets, the exam ref & training guide and probably technet to fill in any gaps.

How do you guys go about starting. Do you watch the entire series of CBT then use the books and lab.
Or do you watch one nugget then read that relevent chapter in the book and lab it then move on to the next video/topic?

I know it all depends on the individuals learning technique but would be interested to see other peoples views.

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    I advice using the Ref then the Training Guide then last Nuggets video . Some people like to use the video material first but i m strongly against that .
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    I am a video first person myself. I like to use the videos to give me an overview and introduction to the topics before I read and lab them. I find I absorb the basic information easiest through the video but use the reading for the "deep dive". I often find myself going from the book into TechNet or the blogs if there is something I still don't quite get. I will lab the topic after I read it to let it really sink in. I also explore some of the other options available while labbing. I think that is an important step to really learning it personally.

    Flemeth is completely entitled to his opinion and it likely works best for him. We do learn differently. As for me, the videos don't go deeper than my reading so watching them "after the fact" doesn't work.

    Good luck to you.
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    I totally geek out when I train, I watch the videos first. Then I follow along doing it on hardware. Then I read the book while doing the labs.
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    One topic at a time. Video and follow what they do. Then book to fill in any gaps. Then internet to try to answer some of the sillier multiple choice questions or things that make no sense. Then move on to the next topic.

    For revision I might start with a brand new VM/domain and build it from memory.
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    I'm interested to hear what plans have worked for others as well. I used the CBTNuggets, the Exam References, my virtual lab, plus a bit of hands-on at work setting up a couple 2012 servers for our web team but still failed my 70-410 today. I read one of my exam ref guides first, then CBT Nuggets, followed by another ref guide. Also, the whole time I have been tinkering on in my virtual lab. Looking back I think I should have watched the videos first to get a good concept and overview, followed by heavily setting up and configuring my virtual environment while using the ref guides and Google for reference. I think the important part is looking at how you can configure things in multiple scenarios such as small businesses in a single domain to large-scale forests with one-way trusts.
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    Rather than watching videos or reading and HOPING you memorize the right material, how about doing some practice tests first so you have an idea of what may be quizzed on and then watch the videos/read to help make a visual of that. This will imprint that into your mind better instead of guessing what may be important. This is what I have done and I am past the MCSA exams now and going for MCSE. So it is very effective I think.
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    I typically watch a video, read articles on the topics covered, then lab if necessary. I don't believe it's beneficial to focus all efforts into any component separately.
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    Why i think it would be a bad idea to study by watching videos first at list in my case ?
    I noticed when i read something for the first time i m the most alert and involved , after reading a second time i already know part of the material and i tend to be less alert and focused . By watching the video first i get an incomplete image about the material , yes , i get the mile high view and high level concepts but usually do not get the grain level details .

    So i m using the videos to just enforce what i read and give it a bit of a different perspective at the end . I my opinion reading is always most cost effective then watching something . Yes , if you watch a video you get a fast view of a subject but reading is better at enforcing knowledge and making the connection in your brain.

    So i advice anyone to try to read one chapter first and use the videos to reinforce/give a different perspective and see what works best for them .
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    I was actually taking a college credit class for 70-410, so I studied the 411 concurrently with the class as well. 411 I read the Sybex book, CBT vids, and then took and passed. The 410 was a MOAC, so I had online virtual labs, and I took and passed.

    Good luck!
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