Win 7 cert or Win 8 cert advice

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Let me start out saying that I don’t have a degree so I’m looking at getting certs to pad my resume.
It has been a few years I’m trying to get back into the IT job market. I know I’ll have to start out in a helpdesk position or NOC. I’m about 95% ready to take my CCNA test. My plan is to follow the Cisco certification path, CCNP Routing and Switching and then Voice, or Security depending on job, or job market. My plan is to get my CCNA then Microsoft Server 2012 track. 410, 411, and 412 the reason I decided on Microsoft certs is that I might have a better chance at landing an Admin job while I’m studying for CCNP and hopefully CCIE.
So my question is since Win 8 is a failure and Win 9 is on the horizon and the cert is only a stepping stone for an entry level job. Would I be better off with the Win 7 cert?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    MCSA: Windows 7 vs MCSA: Windows 8

    Doesn't matter all that much IMO. The majority of what you learn in one directly translates to the other cert. If you know Win7, then naturally you are going to know your way around Win8, and vice versa. (not acknowledging the Metro interface, which can be "disabled" with Start8 ). A prospective employer isn't going to penalize you for having the MCSA: Windows 8 cert if they need someone who knows Windows 7. (unless they're an idiot)

    Win7 is the older OS and Win8 includes some new features. But as you stated, in a office/business/enterprise environment you aren't likely to see Win8 or Win8.1 being used right now.

    My advice is to learn Win8 if you like the idea of getting a "newer" cert, otherwise stick with what you know best. If you are more comfortable with Win7 and Server 208R2, then go with that cert. You can always upgrade later to MCSA: Windows 8 and MCSA: Server 2012.

    If you want to skip MCSA: Server 2008 and are planning on going straight for MCSA: Server 2012, then I definitely recommend that you go with MCSA: Windows 8.
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    Well, I should have checked on when Win 7 certs expire. It looks like it’s the Server 2012 track for me.
    It’s not that I can’t pass a Win 8 test. It’s a matter of time and money. IMO it’s a useless OS, that’s why Microsoft is doing the early release of Win 9.
    My big concern is that a lot of entry level jobs are asking for A+ certs ….UGG!! Sorry if that offends anyone it’s just that I know hardware inside and out. So goanna try to sneak by with a CCNA, and a Server 2012 cert or two, and hope for the best.
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    As you want to get the MCSA, I think that just getting it will do the job. If you know how to install and setup Server 2012, you must know to do the same on desktops.

    Other scenario would be if you didn't want the MCSA. Then yes, it would be recommendable to get the W7 cert to have more chances to be called.
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    Thank you for all your advice, I have found this site to be an excellent resourse. I was looking thru some of the post and found
    [FONT=&amp]Microsoft offering FREE exam voucher for Exam 74-409: Server Virtualization w/ HyperV [/FONT]

    I checked it out and scheduled the test for March 25. It’s a free test It has free training I have the hardware and the 2012 books already and it will give me Microsoft Certified Specialist (MCS) and MCP.
    Thanks again all
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