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I just found out about this site not to long ago and it looks to be a bunch of knowledgeable and diverse professionals. I am in a conundrum as far as career path goes. I am 25 and have my bachelors in MIS and would like to pursue an MBA or Masters by the time I am 27. I currently work as a business analyst but would like to get more involved with the tech side of things. I don't think having the 2 years experience as an analyst will get me a job doing something else so I would like to go the certification route. The problem is I am not sure which career path to take. I narrowed it down to 3 or 4 that sound interesting from my research but I don't know what the next step would be. I don't have any programming experience per-say but I have messed around with building websites in school and using java and VBA but not well enough to pass a test.

I either would like to get into IT Security, Software engineer, or Systems Analyst in that order. What certificates should I get first for any of these careers? Is there a certification that fits all 3 of these or even 2. How long does it take to learn a programming language on average? Any stories about getting into these fields or suggestions would be much appreciated. I also will post my resume for a critique that is much needed. I really want to get into IT Security but I am not sure how easy it is without any experience.

My Name HERE
Email: [email protected]
My Address here H: 555-555-5555
Rest of Address Here C: 555-555-5555

Qualifications Summary:
 Have 2 years work experience as Business Analyst with solid understanding of Systems Integration, Business Continuity Planning, Process Improvement, and Project Management.
 Hands on experience in project plan preparation, monitoring, and execution.
 Willingness to learn any programming language and adapt to new technologies.
 Experience with creating and presenting reports to senior management, and ability to communicate across all business units.

Cummins Mid-South, Memphis, Tennessee (2012 - Present)

IT Business Analyst (January 2012 - Present)
 Evaluated the impact, return, and costs presented by work process improvements.
 Performed day-to-day analysis and support of applications, working closely with technical analysts to research and propose solutions regarding system issues and requests initiated by business partners.
 Implemented tracking software for rental generators preventing stolen equipment.
 Consulted with upper management for strategic planning, forecasting procurement needs, business risk assessment, and process redesign.
 Designed and maintained dashboard that highlighted annual sales performance.
 Created and supported referral program for planned maintenance increasing units under contract by 25%.
 Trained salesmen and Upper management to use Oracle-CRM Siebel which is now used for customer accounts and sales opportunities.
 Created sales process through market analysis that gave salesmen proper margin to quote based on location, market, and generator size increasing sales in for each individual.
 Aided quantitative and statistical revenue analytics, network analytics and competitive market analysis using financial principles.
 Monitored project progress by tracking activity; resolving problems; publishing progress reports; recommending actions.
 Reviewed financial statements, controlled inventory, and invoiced unit and service sells.

Kroger, Bartlett, Tennessee (October 2010 – March 2012)

Pharmacy Technician
 Maintained proper storage and security conditions for drugs.
 Order, label, and count stock of medications, chemicals, and supplies, and enter inventory data into computer.
 Established and maintain patient profiles, including lists of medications taken by individual patients.

B.B.A.: Management Information Systems May 2012
University of Memphis: Memphis, TN

Skills: All areas of Microsoft Office: Microsoft Project, Access, Excel, Power Point, and Visio, Siebel (Oracle), Minitab, Microsoft Expression, Business Management Systems, Lotus Notes.
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