PMP: Fail

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Bombed my PMP test, ugh- took a local bootcamp and online practice tests, thought I was doing well, but ... guess not

My results were:

Initiation: average
Planning : below average
Executing: below average
Monitor/control: below average
Closing: average

So my question is: how to I use this information to pass my 2nd time through? Any advice?


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    Sorry to hear that. Having never taken the PMP, is that the results from the actual scoresheet? If it is, I would focus on Planning and Execution, but definitely spend more time on the other areas as well. It's very difficult to gauge without knowing what is 'average'.
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    In the PMP exam, its important to not only get a high overall score, but also in each of the knowledge areas.

    Some suggestions:
    1. You go back and relook your practice tests in details.
    Analyse which are the questions, knowledge areas, processes that you did not score well in and write those down.
    Concentrate on these over the others.
    I used to have a tendency to just take plenty of tests without actually analysing the results and working on the analysis.
    It is self-gratifying to keep taking mock tests in areas one is good and get happy with high scores.
    But that is not the objective....the objective is to clear the test, for which one must do post-mock analysis and improvement efforts.
    Once you start doing analysis based study, your scores will just jump!

    2. Make sure you are referring to multiple books/material and not just the PMBOK guide, because you need a broad coverage and understanding from different perspectives.
    Below are the books I used while preparing for PMP which I cleared in June 2013.
    - O'Reilly - Head First PMP
    - Rita's PMP book
    - Andy Crowe How to Pass on Your First Try
    - PMBOK guide

    3. Make sure you cover ITTOs. Though there are not many direct ITTO questions, there are many indirect scenario based questions that are based on ITTOs.
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