Failed the 70-410 (R2) today

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Hello everybody!

I was hoping my first post on here would be about passing the 70-410 but that just wasn't the case today. Thank you to all who post about your experiences on here, I think it really helps when getting an idea of what the exam will be like and wished I joined sooner.

Prep material + Background + Exam thoughts
I've been in IT for 6 years. 1.5 years have been as a System/Network Administrator, 4.5 going through multiple tiers of helpdesk. I still think I am pretty new to the Server side of things as I know I have weaknesses when it comes to NTFS/Share permissions, Group Policy, and Virtual Configurations. Even though I feel confident in an everyday work environment working with these items (as I do daily) its not up to the technical level that Microsoft requires to pass this exam. I've spent the past 2 months working within my virtual test environment, studied multiple Ref guides, and watched the CBTNugget series twice. The common feeling I had during my exam is that 95% of what was asked doesn't happen on a daily basis, but "could" theoretically happen.

What am I doing different for my 2nd try?
1. Make sure to get a "Second Shot" voucher/code. Really kicking myself for not getting one earlier
2. Focusing on one area at a time and staying in that area until I get it. That's what I did for ipv4 subnetting and it as stuck in my brain since.
3. Schedule my training process as I do with projects at work. Define what the finished product should look like, schedule deliverable dates, and make sure there is extra time for maintenance activities, or in this case, taking the time maintain what I have already learned.

Do I think the exam is fair?
Yes. When looking back at my Win7 and Network+ exams I feel like the questions were much better and truly a test of knowledge in the Microsoft Systems Administration arena. Whereas the Win7 and Network+ were more about memorization at the time taken.


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    Great breakdown. I also had frustrations on earlier MS cert exams that "this isn't what matters in the workplace". The truth of it that I came to later understand is that it wasn't what mattered in my workplace. The types of issues that I saw in my work environment varied widely from issues that others faced in theirs. Microsoft tries to cover its basis. I now believe they do a pretty good job of it.
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