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Hello all,
I am considering taking a CISSP training or boot camp with my work possibly covering the cost. Any recommendations on the training that I should go through? I am in the Washington DC, so I am close to a lot of training centers?


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    I guess in your part of the world there are several options to choose from, so I guess you will have to consider many factors like distance, travel, what package is on offer etc. It is not a very straight forward go with A or B answer.
  • billyr2009billyr2009 Member Posts: 120
    Thanks for the response. For example to me a few folks have raved about SANS CISSP training, however it is quite expensive. Has anyone been through training with infosec institute, secure ninja, or training camp? Or even some other training provider that they felt training was great?
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    I took the SAN OnDemand CISSP training. It's actually decent. If you already have the requisite infosec background, the SANS CISSP training is probably all most people need to successfully pass the exam.
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    I went with Trainingcamp, the instructor we had came highly recommended. Be prepare for lots of writing! Good luck
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