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So, I'm casually starting CEHv8 studies. Now that I've taken some time off from my last cert.

So far, the only book I've found that has been updated to v8 materials is:
- Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Cert Guide: Michael Gregg: 9780789751270: Amazon.com: Books

Anyone else has materials for CEHv8?
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  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    I purchased that book as soon as it was released and was slightly disappointed since it seems to miss a lot of material mentioned in other sources, so I don't know how complete it is. I'll know on Tuesday when I test haha.

    I have :
    Gregg Cert Guide
    Walker AIOv7
    Walker Practice Exams v8
    iClass v8
    iLabs v8
    Boson Exim v8

    So far I enjoy working with the iClass videos, Boson ExSim and Walker practice exams. The Boson is mentioning a lot of topics that have very little coverage on the above materials. Not talking about the extra domains listed in the v8 series. Some of the questions are way out of left field and i'm often asking "when was this covered"? But here's the rub; alot of folks here say the boson material matches the exam the most.
  • Khaos1911Khaos1911 Member Posts: 366
    I have:
    iclass v8
    ilabs v8
    v8 courseware (slides)
    Matt Walker AIOv7
    nmap: Network Scanning
    Metasploit Pentester's guide
    Hacking Exposed 7

    I know it seems like overkill, but I just enjoy the subject. We'll see if all this pays off. I test Monday.
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    Good Luck Khaos Let us know how it goes
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  • Khaos1911Khaos1911 Member Posts: 366
    Thanks Dr IT!. I passed with an 88% score. Glad that's over, I put in way to much study time and am looking forward to taking a few weeks off. Next up, GSEC.
  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    Congrats, Khaos1911.

    May I please inquire as to which study material you felt helped the best? Is the iClass adequate?

  • Khaos1911Khaos1911 Member Posts: 366
    Congrats, Khaos1911.

    May I please inquire as to which study material you felt helped the best? Is the iClass adequate?


    Oh yeah, The iClass/Courseware slides will give you more than enough info to pass the exam. A whole lot of info in those slide and in the video lectures. iClass is really overkill in my opinion, but it was definitely worth the investment. If the official courseware is too expensive, the Matt Walker AIO v7 book was the second best option. To be honest, I didn't have one mobile hacking type of question, so v7 study material would be sufficient to prepare for the v8 exam in my opinion.
  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    Great to hear. Thanks again for the tips. icon_study.gif
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