Rushing headlong

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As many of you know, I am a former IT worker/trainer who has been stuck in various dead end part-time retail positions since 2009. Last week, I started another part-time job in a deli, and earlier today when I asked the dead end position to accommodate my deli schedule, they let me go...

So later in the day, I receive a great offer for a full-time entry level supervisory position, once again in retail, which I graciously accepted, and the talk has already begun about what I can do beyond the store level. This national chain would require a Computer Science degree to get into their district NOC, is offering tuition reimbursement (from a "brick and mortar" school, so WGU is out) for me to pursue that as an option.

I am intent on keeping both jobs, as expenses (child support, defaulted student loan, etc) have mounted over the past four years, and I would be putting in roughly 56 hours per week. Add to this college and studying for various certifications, and I have a pretty full plate.

I know that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and would like to thank the members of this forum for their support and encouragement :)
"Follow your dreams. You CAN reach your goals. I'm living proof. Beefcake! BeefCAAAAAAAKKKKE!!!"-Eric Cartman


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    You can do it, and you will!

    I know a bit about the pressure you're feeling at the moment with regards to the child support and student loan burden (I thought I would be repaying these with two incomes in my household). I've been fortunate enough to be working in the industry and remain so throughout my divorce, but I've become stuck at my present job for 7 years as of next week - far too long with the way the IT industry works. Some of the older members here might remember me posting a lot more years back and then making my thread about my hard times. I've been mostly complacent since then with brief stints of motivation that ultimately ended with failure: My attempt at the infosec graduate program at WGU, taking the vSphere ICM v4.x course but never even sitting the exam afterwards and a couple others. The only one I managed to put under my belt during my rough patch has been JNCIA-Junos. Coming up on my 7 years in has me motivated again though, and like you I'm going to stick my mind to it and make 2014 a very successful year for me.

    Keep your head up and keep pushing forward, you'll get where you need to be.
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    Stay strong my friend! Your will and determination will help motivate others like myself. You have our full support!
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    Thank you all very much :)
    "Follow your dreams. You CAN reach your goals. I'm living proof. Beefcake! BeefCAAAAAAAKKKKE!!!"-Eric Cartman
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