New To IT Field!

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Hello everyone. Currently, I plan on getting certified this year starting with the A+ from CompTIA. This morning, I ordered the following studying materials from Amazon:

1.Exam Cram for the 801-802 (latest edition)
2. CompTIA Training Kit for the 801-802 (latest edition)
3. CompTIA Deluxe Study Guide from Sybex (latest edition)
4. Exam Cram Practice Questions guide (5th edition).

I also plan on using Professor Messer's videos too since I heard they're helpful for the exams.

Currently, I'll be finishing up my studies (final course) in the summer for my technical certification as a Microsoft Network Administrator, so for now since I have some time off from school-I'm using this period to get certified and do some volunteering/internship for IT. Most of my coursework and labs were with Server 2008. I been working at a hotel for 4 years (not tech related, work as a dishwasher) and don't want to do it anymore, hence the move into IT. After the A+ is done, I plan on doing the Net+ and then go onto Cisco, particularly the CCNA, CCNP, and maybe the CCIE since I'm interested in a networking career with routers and switches. I may get a few Microsoft certifications along the way for Windows 7 or 8 or for Server 2012 if I choose to.

I wish everyone best of luck on their certifications and hopefully I can join you guys in celebrations.

Take care everyone!

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