Need help with resignation letter.

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Ok so i just got offered a job with a salary increase and better room for growth and I accepted it. The thins is i just hit my 3 months at my current job and will now be resigning. What is the best way to go about this, or how should I word the resignation letter?
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    I just did something like "Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow within your organization, and hope the best for the company."

    My manager was really happy for me to be moving on as he knew I worked my ass off for my CCNA, but I've also heard some horror stories as well when I researched this question - good luck :)
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    Well, you should go talk to you boss and explain it. Your resignation letter (that you give after speaking with them) should be short and sweet that you are officially resigning such and such date. No explanations or anything there.
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    I'd make sure that you really want to leave after 3 months.
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  • pixa241pixa241 Senior Member Member Posts: 207

    Yes I am sure as there is no room for growth. Although i can learn a lot, I will be stuck in the position I am now for as long as I work here. Only an IT staff of 5. The new job has an IT staff of 65, I get a 4 dollar pay bump. It is 20 min closer commute than the current job, and more room for growth as well as opportunities.
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    As others have said. Go speak to your boss. Tell him/her that you have a new job opportunity that you have accepted. Whether or not you give your reasons for accepting it is up to you. Some companies will let you ride out your 2 weeks notice, others have a terminate immediately policy due to sensitive data and what not. Just be prepared to cover yourself for those 2 weeks if that is the case.

    Based on the size of your staff you don't really need a resignation letter unless they specifically request it in writing.
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    The closer commute worth it. Seriously..good luck in your new job. Talk to your boss first though and then hand him the letter...
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    Managers Name

    Please accept this letter as official notice of my resignation as "Systems Admin" at ABC Corp. My last day of employment will be xx/xx/xxxx. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given while working at ABC. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make the transition as smooth as possible.


    John Doe

    I don't know, something like that..short and sweet. You can verbally expand upon your reasons if you like.
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    Just be prepared to be shown the door when you turn in the letter. Despite hearing how common it was, I was still surprised when it happened to me (probably because I was the first person at the place who was immediately let go when giving my notice)
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    Where I work you will be terminated as soon as you resign.
    If you are at a similar place then clean your desk out, get your personals, and delete your shares, accounts, and history before you resign. Try to do it when no one is around.

    My last coworker who resigned was not able to get his own personal stuff. And he said everything was not sent to him.
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    Great suggestion, Kinet1c. +1 Just bookmarked that site!

    The key to a resignation letter is to be as professional as possible, just in case things don't work out at the new position.
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