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Do you recommed kindle fire hd 8.9 for studying?
Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Tablet - Stunning 8.9" Screen and Dolby Audio


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    For reading texts the traditional Kindles with the matte screen are better in my opinion. Unfortunately the books don't really save you much of anything and they're much harder to navigate if you wish to jump around from section to section. I do read some PDF books and Kindle books through the Kindle app on my iPad and Android tablet, it's doable but I get serious eye strain after a while on both those as well as an ordinary LCD display on my PC. Nothing replaces a print book in my opinion. I watch CBT Nuggets on my tablets too, they're good for that. Not what I would consider a vital training aid though.
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    I just bought the tcp/ip illustrated and network security bible (both 2nd ed, btw & fwiw) and whatever 1-star reviews given were specifically because of the kindle versions being improperly formatted or otherwise wonky. Books look great on the desk or whatnot anyways lol
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    All that

    I agree with all of that. I do love my kindle fire, but it's got its downsides. I'm really distracted, and with all the apps and internet access and other "stuff" I find that I have to make a concentrated effort to stay on topic. The old style kindle is much better in that regard, plus reading straight text is much nicer on the old one. However, the kindle can play my cbt' s, which is awesome. When I'm doing the dishes I queue up a video or two, pot the kindle on the counter, and listen while I clean.
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    i feel like a spammer that I've posted this so much, but i love the Kindle Fire 8.9 for studying, perfect size
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    I have the Kindle 8.9 HDX. Someone gave it to me for Christmas and I'm already halfway through the CCDP guide. Not a bad device at all when you want a smaller handheld device
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    The biggest benefit for an actual Kindle device tablet or Kindle e-reader is the ability to read some books for free if you are a Prime member.

    I'm tempted to go back to reading paper books though because having all my books show up in iBooks or the Kindle app makes me go a little wacky and skip all over the place and lose focus easily, I read a chapter of this and that, and don't get as much done.

    I also find it hard to study some technical books that have labs. So I may use both formats for convenience but go back to paper books for major studying.
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    I used the kindle to was ok, but I like having a book as can write in the book and look through the quizzes easily.
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    If you have the money to spend, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for my studies. Does everything I need it to do including highlighting and making notes where needed. I tried the Kindle first, but did not quite work out for me because of some formatting issues.
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    I do both, reading on a tablet and actual books. I mostly use some kind of electronic device though. I have a Kindle Fire (1st gen), a Kindle Paperwhite, and I use the Kindle app on my iPad mini. Paperwhite is my favorite because it's small, very portable, has great battery life, and no glare on the screen in direct sunlight. Only downside with technical books, you sometimes like to see both pages at once when looking a diagrams, etc. But, you can't beat having all your books right at your finger tips. Most books are cheaper when you get the Kindle version too.
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    I buy 100% of my books in Kindle or PDF format. It's not perfect, but neither is paper.

    Just makes too much sense for me to have my books on my phone, iPad and laptop and not have to worry about lugging around any paper.

    Just took a stack of old college textbooks and technical manuals/certification books that I probably spent $$$$ on and traded them in for a nice crispy $5 bill at Half Price Books.icon_study.gif
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