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When I train for my security+, I will also be trained to take the SSCP, but I will not have the work experience. Can someone please explain to me the concept of being an associate of ISC2


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    Every candidate who passes the SSCP or CISSP exam is deemed an "Associate of the (ISC)2" until he or she has passed the endorsement process to achieve full (ISC)2 certification. Passing endorsement requires a certain amount of professional InfoSec work experience in at least one (SSCP) or two (CISSP) domains of the CBK. Anyone can take the SSCP or CISSP exams without first having the requisite work experience. Once an exam is passed, candidates are given two years (SSCP) or six years (CISSP) to obtain the require work experience before needing to pass the same exam again.

    I highly recommend that you read the official information about the Associate of the (ISC)2 designation on the (ISC)2's Website.
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    you get no cert/paperwork indicating that you're an associate, either. You also have to pay AMF and contribute CPEs.
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